Nowadays we have the feeling that we live in a world overrun by stress. Growing cities, high competition pressure and the spread of 24/7 technology routines. In this context, sometimes our professional and personal relationships seem to expect us to be a “super human”.

Our mind and body suffer from the social and environmental stress, to the extent that we are now surrounded by a new concept of “stress pandemic” which manifests in different forms and degrees in most of us.

We believe that the real remedy to stress lies inside of us. With the right tools, everybody is able to become more aware of their alert system, understand how their body and mind work, and take the right actions.

Our mission is to bring awareness in our clients’ life by helping them being more conscious about their needs, understanding the tools and resources that they have to manage stress and implementing new healthy routines in their life. Thus accompanying our clients to build their own peaceful life with the people that are important for them.

Finally, we believe that by equipping our clients with the right tools and methods to manage stress, they will somehow spread a more peaceful life for all of us.

In our workshops, we create a safe and intimate environment that enables you to go through key areas of personal development. The group will bring you multiple points of views and similar human situations. We are not alone in front of stress, to some extend we all suffer from similar stress situations and symptoms. Our workshops will bring you solutions, best practices and proven methods to build new healthy routines and start the change you want to make happen.

Corporate trainings are tailored solutions to support your employees to develop their personal skills and capabilities to strength the communication and relationships of the team. We bring individual awareness and understanding of the collective corporate culture, which will establish the baseline to promote open and clear the discussion between the members of your team.

Individual coaching sessions are a powerful tool to really focus on your own personal goals with a deep approach to your own reality and environment. Our coaches would be supporting your progress versus a more peaceful and happy life free of stress. This could also come in synergy with our workshops and corporate training for even more effective change.

"Thanks to this workshop, I see myself from a new perspective. Now, I am able to set the right boundaries for me and enjoy them." - Marina

"The workshop was very informative as it tackles delicate human interactions, providing tools for healthy relationships, for ourselves and for those ones we get in contact with." - Paulina

“This workshop brought me new theory & tips that now seem essential to me.” - Estelle

“I came to better manage my time, I got more gifts than expected. After this workshop, some things that used to be difficult for me became easy.” - Elise

“Anne-Sophie and Isabel are dynamic trainers and very natural. You feel at ease in sharing your personal experiences." - Stephanie

“A moment for myself, a rich experience and many discoveries with two expert coaches.” - Sabine

Anne-Sophie Olagnier

Certified Coach ACC, Personal Efficiency Consultant and Trainer

Isabel Rodriguez

Certified Coach, Certified Agile Practitioner, Global Program Manager